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The girl I work with said there is a chance we might get a conservative and UKIP coalition government at the election. I hope the no voters enjoy it.

Man tumblr mobile is shit for anything other than reblogging stuff.

That ask posted before I finished it. It should end there will be lots of pictures and info about stuff happening on the ground, like last night’s riots.

Will answer all my messages when I get home from work. Not ignoring them!

Anonymous SENT: Hi. Thanks for your explanation of what's happening in Scotland. I'm American and want to keep up to date with what's going on over there. This may sound ignorant, and for that I apologize, but it never occurred to me that BBC would be a biased news source. What news source(s) would you recommend instead?

Well Herald Scotland are the only openly pro independence newspaper. Sky News were fairly unbiased before the referendum but they have lost interest since the 18th. Social media is your best bet. Obviously not everything is verified, but you will get lo



Remember when Breaking Bad ended their season with a slow zoom into a potted plant and it was simultaneously the most revelatory and upsetting thing that’s ever happened?

#remember when breaking bad ended with hank taking a dump

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it’s weird how yogurt is almost exclusively advertised to women

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September 20 2014
sh4d0w-n1ght SENT: oh dear, what happened



Yesterday we had a referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent country. I don’t know where you’re from or anything or how much you know about this so I’ll direct you to this post which will let you know a bit about Westminster politics, etc. 

The vote was 55% no 45% yes. The only age group who actually had an overall no vote was over 60s which means the BBC did what they set out to do and terrified the elderly (who generally only have access to biased news sources, not social media) into thinking they would lose their pensions if they voted yes, which is a lie.

Today the country felt dismal. I saw people openly crying on the bus. We had such a strong, positive yes campaign and there was excitement for change before the results were released.

And now Ed Miliband has said, less than ten hours later, that he does not support further devolution for Scotland a.k.a what we were promised if we voted no. David Cameron says it will happen but that man talks so much shit his face should be brown and sticky.

And to top it all off, a bunch of unionists were in George Square earlier today taunting and mocking yes supporters and singing sectarian songs, making nazi salutes, and there are rumours of rioting and a yes supporter being stabbed, although this remains unconfirmed,

Basically, we have dropped our trousers and bent over for Westminster once again, ignored the cries for help of the four districts in Scotland who did vote yes and also happen to be the poorest areas (Glasgow, West Dumbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, and Dundee)

I am ashamed of my country. I never thought my pride in being Scottish would ever be dampened but here I sit today cringing at Edinburgh and Midlothian’s results.

Gonna publish this so everyone can see, hope that’s ok.

You know, I live in England and everyone at school was celebrating when they heard that Scotland was denied their independence. I felt like I was the only one who felt sympathy and injustice.

I thank you for that. It really has fuck all to do with what English people think (except in Westminster unfortunately) and I regret that people who don’t even understand what is going on are doing.




"Yesterday morning I had a brief moment of optimism where I thought people might actually use recent experiences to become more involved in democracy and their communities, to turn all the noise into something good.

By last night, all I was seeing was finger-pointing, flag-waving and side-taking, with an extra helping of pointless thuggery later on.

As usual, we’re taking adversity and using it as an excuse not to unite but to indulge a taste for point-scoring and division, to create smaller, meaner communities instead of larger, more inclusive ones.

You don’t have to be rioting in George Square to be part of the problem. The minute you go looking for a badge to set yourself apart from the person next to you, you’re part of the problem.”

No no no no no. You are basically saying that nobody should show any opinions of any kind or they are causing/inviting violence. It is victim blaming. “Oh she shouldn’t have been wearing a yes badge if she didn’t want beaten up” sound at all familiar???? Sound at all like what happens in any other situation?????????? People getting told what they were wearing was the cause of something horrible happening?????????? HMMMMM SOUND FAMILIAR????

first off a lot of people told me not to have my no sticker on my bag before the indyref because i might get hurt for it
i only got shouted at in the town a few times thank god but its still a scary prospect and i would never tell someone not to share their views in a democracy because there might be a threat of something bad happening to them

what im saying is instead of yes and no voters cutting at each other pointing fingers and grouping them together with the yes voters who were intimidating others before the referendum and the no voters who were burning flags and threatening the yesses afterwards we should be doing something to stop these horrible people as a single nation

instead of breaking off into conflicting teams we need to work together to get rid of this shitty attitude
this goes for both the british and scottish nationalists

im not victim blaming im saying this divide is causing nothing but misery for everyone in this country

we arent yes and no

were scotland and we dont have to tolerate this

(also i apologise if this comes across as jumbled i live on the glasgow road and im exhausted from being awake scared by car horns and loud voices these past few days)

Ok I get you, but the divide was not caused by people with badges, or the referendum even. The divide has always been there, but obviously has come to the forefront at this time.

And yes it would be better if neither side was finger pointing and actually united against Westminster, but emotions are runing high and the results were announced a day ago. People haven’t realised what we need to do yet, the no voters are butthurt because it is looking less likely that we will get more powers. They aren’t going to admit that they might have been wrong for a while, and the yes voters are all I told you so which isn’t helping either. But the reality is that those loyalists would have been there causing havoc whatever the result was. 

Also can I point out that there was violence etc. from BOTH parties, yes and no, pre referendum. The ones by the yes campaign were very well documented when the ones by the no campaign were missed out by the media. However the violence last night was pretty much the loyalists fault. 

September 20 2014
Anonymous SENT: Why are the Scottish blaming this on the English it's the Scottish who voted no, right?

Are people blaming it on the English? Or do you mean English people living in Scotland? I think when people say ‘oh England said this or that’ they mean Westminster and the English government (they’re not the UK government. Scotland, Wales and N Ireland would not vote in tories)

Anonymous SENT: I'm not denying they're a bunch of cunts. I'm not denying they used the pound to convince us to stay but I do believe they would of kept their word. Too many people said it. Salmond didn't deal with it. He started going on about how even though everyone said no, he would somehow do it and no No voters I know believed him. Then he started going on about using the pound without permission like some random countries do with the dollar. I became a no voter after that debate when he couldn't answer

You mean the first debate where both Salmond and Darling acted like petty school children bickering?? Here is an article you should read. It explains the issue better than I can. 


Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going “well, I hope this is how it works and I’ll keep doing it till someone yells at me”

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